Programming Worlds
A bot attacks something in the distance
The floating golden sphere comes into view,
It's smooth contoured surface blemished with burns,
Dark spots that quickly turn a brilliant red,
And emit a most destructive light, that obliterates
Everything it touches.

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Players online: 13
Entities: 185150
Sectors: 872


Simple & Minimalist - yet Challenging

E99 aims to be a minimalist environment that comes with a standard logic to every element. The world, individual sectors, player-created entities & structures - all function based on a standard logic framework.

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to build a superlative logic that encompasses all or most of the world dynamics, and create a self-sustaining AI civilization that is

  • Most entities need a simple program to survive. Sample Programs are provided to you.
  • World dynamics needs certain planning and action to overcome. The logic is explained in the Guide Book.
  • Winning the game is simple and logical. The method & reward are explained in the Guide Book.
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No signup needed for demo.

Generate Revenue

This is not just a game - it's a game AI programming environment. Ideally we want you to create the most powerful game AI within the constraints of the E99 ecosystem. To make it a little more sustainable for you, we have chosen to offer financial compensation for your efforts.

Resources in the game have an equivalent currency value in real life (subject to fulfilling the in-game Nexus challenge). So you can 'sell' resources and 'withdraw' credits from your account (subject to the terms noted here). Likewise, you can also 'invest' real money into the game to help you explore.

Adding money in the game does NOT give you a drastic advantage, if at all it would allow you to test your theories and code quickly. You DON'T need to add money to be able to win the game.

Any payments made to you are for your efforts in building an AI - be sure to read the payout terms if you are not clear on what this means - NOT for the resources that you gather. Never forget this. However it's hard to put a value on your effort in terms of hours / days / weeks you spend, so resources become a more 'tangible' way to evaluate your contribution.

Real world currency awards await those that choose to win the in-game Challenges. These are separate from the value of the resources that you gather in-game, and are paid out in USD.

  • No assurance is made on how much currency you can generate from E99.
  • In-game assets may have real-world value - keep your account secure. You can take E99 Guardian - which 'snapshots' your account every 1 hour.
  • Challenge winners may be considered for unique opportunities & assignments with us or our partner companies. If this happens, we will contact you.
  • We do not offer commissions or any other indirect reward. You are only directly rewarded for your efforts, and are responsible for your own taxes and any other legal fees.